Testimonials + Reviews

As the Australian authorised distributor of Kozak products, we sell a range of cleaning products to give an effortless shine without water. Take a look at some reviews and testimonials of our service and products.

Australian Road Rider Magazine, Edition 131 (2016)

Kozak Dry Wash Cloth

“Here’s a good thing! Lexol’s Kozak Motorcycle DryWash Cloth really does wipe dust and dirt away. I am so sick of washing bikes, especially since I live at the end of a dirt road. No matter what I do, there’ll be dust on a bike when I need it to look spick and span. I have a bin full of old T-shirts and other rags so that I can wipe dust off bikes before I take photos of them or return them. Even if I’ve cleaned a bike to spotless perfection, by the time I get down the road a little it’s covered in a fine layer of dust.

The rags in my bin, it turns out, were just about a waste of time.

You know how it is when you find something vastly superior to what you had before? It's like that with the Kozak cloth.

Other rags take off some dust, don’t take it off after a couple of wipes have clogged the rag, leave lint in their wake and sometimes risk leaving marks in the bike’s finish. The Kozak Dry Wash Cloth does none of these things.

The cloth is like a heavy felt, made from 100 per cent cotton, and has a heavy nap to it. It has been treated with some kind of cleaning agent too, and is very effective. It picks up dust from the paint, leaves a polished look behind it, and releases the dust from its weave when you slap it in your palm or on your leg. It has a light polishing action too, and I haven’t seen it leave a single mark on paintwork. Bikes come up looking great.

You can keep using it when other cloths would be too clogged with dust to continue, and Kozak claims it’s good for at least 50 cleanings, though I haven’t yet got that far with it.

You need to keep in mind that the Kozak cloth shouldn’t be allowed to get wet and should not be washed. Also, keep it away from hot engine parts and preferably wait until the engine is fully cooled till you use it, just in case a too-hot part damages the fibre. It’s not intended for scraping bugs or tar off, either.

In its designated role as duster, dirt remover and polisher, the Kozak DryWash Cloth is outstanding. It’ll clean up a very dusty bike like I have often asked it to do, and it’s also ideal for a quick clean and polish to get rid of the dust that settles on a bike in the garage.

Australian 4WDSUV Buyers Guide No.28 (2016)

Water-Free Wash

“US firm Kozak developed the first Dry Wash cloth in 1926 and its products are now used by car dealerships, furniture stores, retailers and musicians worldwide. 

The Kozak Auto Dry Wash cloth is now available in Australia, priced at $21.95. It’s made from fine-woven cotton and is the world’s only patented cloth treated to clean dust and fine dirt without scratching or leaving behind any streaks or residue.

No water is required so it’s ideal for people who live in apartments, with no easy access to a tap, or for those who just want to save water or save money on expensive commercial car washes.

The Kozak cloth lifts loose dirt and dust up and away from the painted surface into the heavy nap. A quick shake of the cloth then releases the dirt.

It works best on a waxed or protected finish and also lightly polishes as it cleans. However, it won’t take the place of heavy-duty polish, or restore a scratches or faded finish. Neither will it remove road tar, bugs, encrusted dirt, hardened water spots or sticky things like bird droppings and tree sap. These require a traditional water wash to remove.

We gave the Kozak Auto Dry Wash cloth a try and while it won’t clean a car in the same way that a water, sponge, and bucket will, it is effective at keeping the car’s finish dust- and dirt-free, so it’s a quick and easy way to keep your car looking good between washes.

At kozak.com you’ll find comments from many happy car owners who use Kozak products. The Kozak Auto Dry Wash cloth and the smaller Kozak Motorcycle Dry Wash cloth are available in Australia from kookaburratrader.com.au.”