All-in-One Furniture Duster


All-in-One dusting cloth specifically formulated with DUSTLOC technology that cleans, dusts, and rejuvenates wood, stainless, chrome, and natural stone by simply wiping! No need for sprays, washes or solutions – it’s all in the cloth. Removes harmful allergens and reduces future dust buildup.

Get at least 50 cleanings from one cloth.

Simply wipe! No need for sprays or solutions!
  • Safely removes dust without scratching or residue
  • Cleans and polishes in one easy step
  • Great on wood, granite, stainless and plastic
  • Twin pack
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Now… a quick polish and shine without sprays or solutions! Simply wipe.

KozaK developed the first Dry Wash in 1926. Today this uniquely designed cloth uses “DUSTLOC” technology for improved dusting and polishing without harming the finish. Designed to remove harmful allergens with one easy swipe!


Cloth Features:

  • Made from fine, specially woven, 100% domestic cotton fibres
  • “DUSTLOC” technology lifts and traps dust away from the surface
  • Removes annoying fingerprints and smudges
  • Special treatment polishes and restores furniture’s deep lustre and shine
  • Eliminates the need for sprays and solutions – It’s all in the cloth!
  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment
  • Over 50 cleanings per cloth!


What a KozaK will do:

  • Removes dust and fine dirt eliminating harmful allergens
  • Polishes as it cleans
  • Saves money as it replaces the cost of sprays, waxes, and solutions
  • Eco-friendly alternative to toxic aerosols and sprays
  • Saves time – just a few minutes provides remarkable results!
  • Anti-stat formula helps to repel dust


Works great on woods, stainless steel/chrome, and granite/plastics


Directions for use:

  • Tear open the KozaK re-sealable pouch.
  • Keeping the KozaK in a folded pad, wipe side to side, rotating the cloth between folds.
  • After each use, take the KozaK outside and shake the cloth out to release all dirt and dust particles trapped within the cloth.
  • Refold and replace the KozaK in the re-sealable pouch.
  • Dispose of cloth once it is caked with dust and dirt and stops picking up dust.
  • Do not wash!


Made in the USA