Auto Dry Wash


The world’s only patented cloth specially treated to clean dust and fine dirt WITHOUT SCRATCHING or leaving behind any streaks or residue. Used to maintain the world’s most prestigious car collections.

Up to 50 Car Cleanings for one cloth.


Safely Removes Dust + Fine Dirt
  • No wet wash mess
  • Cleans and polishes in minutes
  • Will not harm finish
  • Saves money on car washes
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Now… a quick clean and shine without water!

KozaK developed the first Dry Wash cloth in 1926. Today, this uniquely designed cloth uses an improved formula to clean and polish cars without harming or dulling the finish.


Cloth Features:

  • Made from fine, specially woven, 100% domestic cotton fibres
  • KozaK formula lifts loose dirt and dust up and away from painted surfaces
  • Eclusive, plush NAP surrounds and holds small dirt particles, which are released from cloth after slapping cloth against palm of hand

Designed to leave finish looking smooth, clean and bright. Use KozaK daily to keep car shining all year round.

Up to 50 cleanings per cloth!

KozaK’s heavy weight fabric allows the cloth to be heavily napped. This special NAP is why KozaK lasts so long. After the NAP is worn off, KozaK is still useful cleaning wheels.


What KozaK will do:

  • Removes dust and fine dirt
  • Polishes as it cleans
  • Saves time and money
  • Improves car finish with regular use
  • Works best on waxed or protected finish
  • Anti-stat formula helps to repel dust


What KozaK won’t do:

It won’t take the place of a wax or polish job on good paint or restore old, faded paint. It will not take off road tar; bugs, hardened water spots, or sticky things like bird droppings, bug splashes, tree sap, etc. These things can be removed by using soap and water or a bug and tar remover.


Directions for using KozaK:

  • Car should be free of water and in the shade.
  • Wearing cotton work gloves will keep your hands clean while using your KozaK.
  • Always use KozaK in folded PAD. This distributes the weight of your hand across the entire surface.
  • Prior to KozaK use, wipe away bird droppings and bugs with a damp cloth.
  • Use quick, light strokes to remove the heaviest dirt first. Knock out excess dirt frequently from cloth by slapping against palm of hand. Then refold cloth and remove remaining dirt from car. Leave hard to remove spots for later.
  • To polish car, use clean surface of the cloth and apply heavier pressure.
  • Occasionally, open up cloth pad and snap with sewn edge down. Some unravelling will occur which is easily trimmed with scissors.
  • Any caked or matted areas of the cloth can be rubbed with fingernail or small brush to restore NAP.
  • When finished, return folded KozaK cloth to storage pouch. Easily stores in trunk for quick spot cleaning at any time.


Made in USA.

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Dimensions 115 x 115 cm