About Kookaburra Trader

Gary Rush is the business owner and primary operator at Kookaburra Trader, based in Hobart, Tasmania.

I have spent some years in the Automotive Business as a Paint Repair Technician performing chip, scratch and paint damage repairs, for automotive retailers and private customer vehicles.
Achieving the quick and inexpensive removable of dust and light grime from a vehicles duco is always a priority before commencing repairs. How good it was to find a product that would perform these car cleaning duties without water or cleaning sprays, the Kozak-AutoDryWash cloth. I was so impressed with the product I decided to import it for the Australian market.

At Kookaburra Trader we are proud to be the Australian Authorised Importer and Distributor for Kozak AutoDryWash, Motorcycle DryWash and OneStep furniture cleaning products. These unique products are patented, trademarked and manufactured in the USA.

Customers can expect to get prompt and professional service form Kookaburra Trader.

History of KozaK

Since 1926, Manufacturers of Quality Cleaning, Polishing and Dusting Cloths for Fine Finishes on Automobiles and Furniture.

The Kozak brand is owned by Malco Products Inc. Malco are the manufacturers of the Malco, Presta and PPI brands of high quality professional automotive detailing products. Malco are based in Ohio, USA.


KozaK DryWash cloths were first used in Batavia, N.Y. at the R.M. Walker Ford dealership. In those early Model T days, two men worked all night long with bucket and hose preparing demonstrator cars for the next days demonstration.


KozaK cloths were born out of the necessity of cutting the “car wash” expense account. Developed by Russ Bridge and Edward Walker III of Genesee Chemical Co., it was discovered that the “Genesee” cloths saved 80% of the wet washing expense. It was also discovered that the cloths lasted for 50 to 100 cleanings. Word of mouth advertising spread the news of the cloths for over two years until the KozaK DryWash name was invented.

Why is it named “KOZAK”?

The name KozaK itself was an invented name. Edward Walker III, the first President of the company, had read that George Eastman of Kodak attributed his success to a five letter word with two hard consonants at the end and one in the middle. Walker wrote Eastman in nearby Rochester, N.Y. and obtained permission to use the name.

Years Old

How to Use Kozak AutoDryWash